Oglivy & Mather

Creative Adverting Illustration

I collaborated with the the advertising company Ogilvy & Mather (Japan) to create a piece for their Creative School. 


The concept was quite edgy and a lot of fun to draw, and within the theme I was given full creative freedom. This piece gave me the opportunity to draw some of the many creatures and ideas that live inside the world of sakirhythm.

During the revision process I realized that the ‘brains’ looked more like a speech bubble, so I added more detail and elements flying out around the main shape to emulate 'blood splatters'.


Illustrator : sakirhythm


Client : Oglivy & Mather, Tokyo, Japan

Chief Creative Officer : Ajab Samrai

Creative Director : Federico Garcia

Art Directors : David Morgan, Federico Garcia

Copywriter : Federico Garcia

Photographer : Hiromasa Gamo

Producer : Kohei Ishii




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